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Our experience has taught us that bigger is not usually better.  It is often more expensive “go big” when, really, the desired result could be more effectively achieved using finesse as opposed to finance. 

Hurricane Mountain Event Solutions has learned to package our production to provide superior quality and coverage while occupying a minimal footprint in the transport and application of our production. This reduces the impact on our customer’s budgets.

Our event solutions are designed by audience size and artist requirements.

Event Solution #1 - Crowds of 50 to 500: $400 - $600
Event Solution #2 - Crowds of 500-1000: $700 - $900
Event Solution #3 - Crowds of 1000 to 3000: $1,250 - $1,500
These 3 basic packages have been proven to provide the production our customer’s events require.

Hurricane Mountain Event Solutions is THE affordable production solution and consistently delivers an efficient, professional, attractive and budget friendly, customer-centered production.

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Delivery is $.55 per mile outside a 100 mile radius of zip code 34953.
Prices do not include backline (instruments, drums, guitar amplifiers) or mobile staging solutions.

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