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Hurricane Mountain Technical Services, (a division of Hurricane Mountain Sound, LLC) offers two programs that can get your venue and staff up to professional production standards and help keep you there for the long term.

Monthly maintenance packages ensure that your equipment is always show ready. Live sound training workshops build your staff's production skills.

Hurricane Mountain Technical Services Programs:

Scheduled Maintenance
Scheduled maintenance services can be provided on a monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly basis.

Scheduled maintenance includes:
1. Check and clean all electronics to ensure proper operational condition.
2. Check and repair basic wiring connections and in-house cables as needed.
3. Check and clean all power amplifiers.
4. "Ring out" both main sound system and monitor systems to optimize volume before feedback and      ensure coverage and correct tone quality.
5. Maintain and organize all microphones and other miscellaneous equipment for show-ready conditions.
6. Focus basic lighting and video systems, order and replace bulbs as needed.

Training Workshops
Improve the technical skills of your volunteers and staff.

They will learn:
• Gain staging
• Microphone placement
• Feedback reduction
• Sound check essentials
• Monitor EQ
• Basic mixing techniques
• And much more!

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